Long time ago…

Since time ago… in June of 2014 I published the last entry in my blog. it’s funny because in that entry I commented that... read more →


After a lot of time without any new entry, I want to start to publish new entries more frequently. In this time, I have started a new... read more →

Controlling your Arduino with your voice

After get access to my Arduino via Internet, I thought about create an Android application to control the Arduino using the same server... read more →

Controlling Arduino via Web With Raspberry Pi

In my last post, I showed how to connect the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi through USB. In this post I’m going to show how to... read more →

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Communication using USB

Raspberry Pi is a very powerful platform to be used in domotic and control applications. However, the Raspberry Pi has several limitations... read more →

Using TODOs in xCode

Recently I have started a new iOS project and after using IntelliJ for a while I realized that xCode doesn’t present a direct... read more →

The agile mobile apps lifecycle

These is the first of several posts devoted to mobile development from a business point of view. This reflexions have been extracted... read more →

Mobile development in Processing

Time ago I experimented with Processing when I started to use Arduino.   Processing has been improved and now in the last version,... read more →

Blues Exercise

While i was searching on the internet I found my old Soundcloud profile and the following blues exercise recorded with my Squier guitar... read more →

Lego Raspberry Pi Case

One month ago I got a Raspberry Pi including the camera module. The experience with the Raspberry Pi and it camera it’s amazing... read more →

New Web

In the last few months I had been thinking about change my personal website. The previous website was created around four years ago... read more →

    About this Site

    Define in a few words this web could be complicated. In this web you can find information related with those topic that passionate me. In summary, a lot of post related with technology and probably some post related with music and photography.